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Introduction to open loop stepper motor with the difference between the closed-loop stepper motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-24
Also known as pulse motor, stepping motor based on the basic principle of electromagnet, it is a free swing electromagnet, its action principle is depend on the change of the air gap permeance to produce electromagnetic torque. The original model is originated in the years to years. Before and after the year began to try to control for the purpose of, applied to the electrode in the transportation agency of hydrogen arc lamp. This is considered to be the initial step motor. In the early 20th century, on the phone automatically switches are widely used in the stepper motor. Because of the western capitalist powers for the colony, stepper motor ships and planes in the absence of ac power independence has been widely used in the system. In the late 1950 s the invention of the transistor is gradually applied in stepper motor, for the digital control more easily. In the eighty s, due to cheap, with the attitude of multi-functional microcomputer stepping motor control method is more flexible.

stepper motor relative to other control USES the biggest difference is that it receives the electrical pulse signal into digital control signal and the corresponding angular displacement or linear displacement, it itself is a complete digital model of actuators.

on stepper motor and stepper motor can be divided into two closed-loop stepper motor. So the question becomes, open loop stepper motor and what is the difference between the closed-loop stepper motor?

open loop stepper motor can be a common understanding for used to send letters, content to let the other party to perform. There is no feedback. Closed loop stepper motor is equivalent to send it registered, need each other to perform and report to you. Want to have feedback. Said the ring is stepping motor and the closed-loop stepper motor will fundamental difference lies in the feedback current running state signals. Open loop stepper motor without feedback signal, only execute sequentially. Instead of the step motor closed-loop feedback signal, depending on the signal stepper motor drive to take corresponding action or feedback signal to the PLC, the PLC decided to next process.

in some cases, some people called closed-loop stepper motor is a hybrid servo motor. Next, analyze the advantage of closed loop stepper motor.

the advantage of closed loop stepper motor, closed-loop control improves the torque frequency characteristics.

the advantage of closed loop stepper motor, the closed loop control, the output power/torque curve is improved, the current value is determined by the motor load, therefore, even in low speed range, current can also be fully converted to torque.

the advantage of closed loop stepper planetary gear motor three, use of closed loop control, step motor can be automatically and effectively acceleration and deceleration.
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