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is this the tesla of the seas? silent zero-emission electric motorboat has a range of 80 nautical miles and is controlled using an ipad

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-08
An all-
Electric motorboats that you can control with your iPad are described as \"Tesla at Sea \". The 30-foot (9-metre)
Q30 process built by Finnish Q-Company
The yacht is powered by a \"fully muted\" propulsion system and is equipped with an electric motor that does not generate emissions.
Its voyage is 80 nautical miles (92 miles/148km)
Can accommodate up to 8 people with a spacious seat underneath
The deck cabin provides space for small sinks, extra seating and lockers. Q-
The yacht described the ship as \"the smoothest and quietest motorboat on the market\", but has not yet revealed the price or release date of the ship.
The Helsinki-based company said the ship was designed to \"enjoy the journey, not just the destination\" for sailors \".
\"We position ourselves as Tesla at sea . \"
Joakim Hilden, director of yacht sales, told SuperYachtNews.
Even compared to Tesla, our power propulsion system is more robust and durable than when they launched their first car.
This ship is called Q30, by a full
Previously used as an alternative power supply for sailing boats, a power system called \"oceanic.
The propulsion system is low.
Voltage, which means it works at a relatively small rpmper-
That makes it quieter than a traditional engine, says Mr Hilden.
The shaft of the motor also enters the engine directly, which means that there is no gearbox, which is a design feature that further reduces the noise level.
While the engine system provides a quiet journey, it limits the ship\'s range and maximum speed to only 15 knots (17mph/28kph)at its peak.
The Q30 can cover 80 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 9 knots (10mph/17kph)
But this distance is only 40 nautical miles (46 miles74km)at top speed.
The basic battery pack allows for a five-hour continuous cruise, and this number can be doubled with additional battery packs.
The deck and deck of the boat are made of light vinyl ester resin and fiberglass that are laminated with a sparkling white gel coating.
Its shape is designed to minimize the tail waves generated by the vessel as it passes through the water to further reduce the noise.
The iPad, located behind the wooden steering wheel, controls navigation in the form of an interactive map, as well as internal and external LED lights.
Passengers can enjoy it twice.
Sundeck or four
Seating table top and comfort below-
Deck Lounge and hi-
Fi audio for wireless Bluetooth speakers.
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