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Is worm reducer gearbox tested before shipment?
The Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is one of many types of quality control inspections conducted by Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhenyu Transmission Co., Ltd.. With no exception, worm reducer gearbox is also inspected for quality control prior to shipment. This inspection is based on the product's Standard Acceptable Quality Limit specification or on customer request. Based on these criteria and procedures, samples are randomly selected and defects are checked. The Pre-Shipment Inspection helps both ourselves and customers to reduce the potential risk of delivery delay or/and fix or redo products. At last, the product will be photographed to ensure that the order is in perfect condition, complete, and properly packaged for shipment.

Zhenyu Transmission starts from very beginning and develops into a company with a certain influence in the industry. electrical motor series manufactured by Zhenyu Transmissioninclude multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. The design of Zhenyu Transmissionall types of coupling reflects professionalism. It is designed takes into consideration that mechanical function, energy efficiency, and material efficiency. The product has a high-pressure resisting feature. The product can meet the various needs of application because of its critical characteristics. It, rated to an insulation class of F, can be used at a temperature of 155℃.

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