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by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
With the widely application of the linear gear coupling, packaging machinery in the field of packaging is playing a more and more big effect, refinement and diversification direction development, to realize intelligent control:

1. Can greatly improve labor productivity.

2. Can effectively ensure the quality of packaging machinery packaging can be according to the requirement of the packaging items, according to the need of shape, size, specification is consistent with the packaging, and manual packaging cannot be guaranteed.

3. Can realize manual packaging cannot achieve some packing operation, such as packaging, plastic packaging, vacuum packaging, such as pressure, etc.

4. Linear module packaging machine can reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions for the labor intensity of manual packing is very big.

5. Is advantageous to the workers' labor protection for some serious influence health products, such as serious dust, poisonous products, stimulating, radioactive products, packing by hand unavoidably harm health, while mechanical packaging can be avoided, and can effectively protect environment from pollution.

6. Save shipping costs to loose the product, so as to reduce the packaging cost.

7. Can reliably guarantee health products, to avoid the direct contact by hand, ensuring the quality of health.

in the food industry, linear modules are popular, mainly because they have the flexibility. And my company r &d and production of linear gear coupling has: small volume, light weight, compact structure, the advantages of modular design, makes the installation simple and easy, at the same time according to customer needs, and can realize high speed, high precision, adopt closed design, apply to clean the timing of the higher grade.

: dustproof design through the structure optimization design, use protection board, respectively, which can effectively avoid the dust at work

high rigidity: imported square linear guide, improve the overall rigidity, improve the bearing capacity.

assembly simple: design has a variety of assembly method, can satisfy different can use requirement.

in any industry, especially in the packaging industry of technological innovation is the core of the production. Linear module used in packaging machinery to match exactly in each packaging machinery, packaging machinery automation makes the operating, make domestic packaging machinery manufacturing technology and modern industrial automation design technology combined with each other, introduce advanced technology and invest a lot of money and research strength.

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