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Kk group use _ _ mechanical fingerprint module company straight linear slide machine instructions

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
Linear module cross industry also called rectangular coordinate manipulator, nakagawa as linear module manufacturers, when ordering usually according to the requirements of customers to cooperate, our engineers in the design when the understanding of many sided, should think of possible problems, including customer required precision and speed requirements, such as bad design can bring a lot about to assembly, the two are connected. Take the cross linear module, for example:

it is Y axis is fixed, the X axis with the Y axis slide movement, scope of work for the XY plane, relatively large load, high accuracy, the cantilever 'suggest no more than 400 mm, the length of the two axis module built rectangular coordinate manipulator involving the following the position precision.

1. Y axis parallel with linear guide. Y axis module through the lock, the positioning pin and the bottom assembly time playing table dispatch linear guide with the parallel;

2. X axis and Y axis perpendicularity. Use marble set square, place one square edge parallel to the Y. In the X-axis sliding lock dial indicator. The X slider to the initial position. Then move the Y axis, make sure that the marble square edge parallel to the Y axis, then the marble, move the X axis gear coupling, with a table on the other edge Angle, adjust the X axis;

3. X axis and installation platform of parallelism. If platform, good rigidity, with dial indicator is installed directly on the X-axis sliding plane, nakagawa linear module is directly on the standard of marble platform table into the test;

cross linear module is suitable for the plane two-dimensional workpiece handling, transfer, walking track, etc.

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