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by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
A lot of equipment in the installation time if not the right operation method, the use effectiveness and life has great influence. Linear module of ball screw is one of important parts in the linear module, improperly installed modules for precision and service life will be greatly discounted. Zhenyu according to many years of industry experience, share linear gear coupling of ball screw in the matters needing attention during installation.

1. Ball screw in linear module must maintain a clean and wipe clean, do not make foreign body into the nut and screw rolling groove.

2. Not any knock, to should take put down gently, keep the appearance may not be injured.

3. Install the surface finishing and clean thoroughly.

4. Add lubricant to the nut and screw.

5. Do not separate the screw and nut.

6. Add bumper on both ends of the screw, in order to avoid running over the stroke limit and damage the linear ball screw in the module.

7. Use cases to protect the ball screw, linear module and dustproof.

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