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by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
Linear gear coupling is used to realize feed movement, will be, horizontal vertical use, can be installed on its transport movement artifacts implementation work cycle. Can also be used in linear modules are installed on the power pack ( Installed on the spindle box) Drilling head, boring, milling, boring and facing the first components, to complete the drilling, expanding, reaming, boring, economic nest, scraping face, chamfering, surfacing, milling and tapping process.

linear gear coupling stroke or limit switch, switch is also called the position switch position switch effect: the mechanical displacement into electrical signals, cause changes in the planetary gear motor running state, which in a certain schedule automatic parking, reverse, speed or circulation, so as to control the mechanical movement or implement security protection. Position switch has two types: direct acting ( Push button) And rotary and its basic structure, by the operating head, driving system, contact system and the shell, the main difference in the transmission system.

linear module and points A and B type, with high grade of cast iron or steel structure, with two common class and precision accuracy. A type of double moment of guide rail, generally used for rough machining, B type guide rail of mountain A moment, used for finishing. Good appearance, reasonable design, good rigidity, reliable performance, is the basis of the combination machine tools and automatic line ideal power components. When the linear module used for deep hole processing, should also be marked with grade feed electric drill speed reducer.

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