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Kk module application group applied _ _ mechanical fingerprint straight linear slide unit load

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
Linear module gantry applications are widely used in automation industry, most of the equipment manufacturer will uniaxial linear module after their installation gantry, because our linear gear coupling manufacturer installed shipment again to play wooden cases, greatly increase the cost, and in the transport process is easy to cause damage of gantry precision linear module. So how gantry linear module is installed, as linear module manufacturer pilot small make up to introduce for everybody in this installation.

1. Installed base, and screw down the nuts, hanging basket placed in the center of the base.

2. Install pillar bottom section, each installation two standard section to be fixed. Using temporary cable wind rope, node and supporting points with bolt connection, can't use the wire tie.

3. On both sides of pillar installation should continue. Node bolt must according to the aperture matching, not packing, found that the aperture position at the time, cannot optional reaming, cannot to wire binding instead of more, in order to avoid loose node deformation.

4. Install the standard section should be paid attention to when the guide rail vertical degree, guide place cannot appear line and too large gap, prevent operation of the Impact.

5. Post assembly to a predetermined height, beam installation day.

6. When conditions permit on the construction site, can be assembled on the ground, and then the whole lift, to reduce high homework. Due to design the frame body, only consider the stress of the construction, so in front of the whole lift, deal with two columns and frame body do temporary reinforcement, in order to increase the flexural node and the pillar.

7. On top of the rack body before integral hoisting cable wind rope. Choose the lifting point shall be stipulated in the original blueprint, lifting process should pay attention to observe the bending deformation of the post, prevents damage to the node.

8. Preliminary correction after the gantry lift verticality, foot bolt fastening degree, the cable wind rope, and stay in place, all work to relax lifting locks, remove the hook.

9. Hoist installation outside 15 meters away from the frame body, and the line of sight is good, the erection of shed, operation control of the hoist USES magnetic force to start.

10. Wear around the steel wire rope, double rope hoisting. Between the guide pulley and the base frame body connected by bolts rigid.

11. Perfect the gantry module of the limit of insurance electric drill speed reducer. Install high limit on the hoist drum. Dock installed on the frame body. Before and after the stage door, door falls exactly; On both sides of the net 1 m high baffle or block.

12. Wall structure embedded in the process of the subject construction of the frame body parts, to every two layer embedded a fitting, one group is set at the top of the main body attached to the wall.

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