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by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
Linear gear coupling is the most commonly used transmission machinery equipment machine automation components, his appearance with high accuracy, corrosion resistance, lightweight, high stiffness and high efficient Characteristics, in mechanical equipment and automated production line used for converting the rotary motion of the planetary gear motor to linear motion to implement reciprocating sliding block operation and Positioning.

appearance has certain safety performance, but the internal structure of the linear module are afraid of the impact, corrosion and high temperature, high humidity environment, in the process of using the following surroundings remember pay attention to.

linear gear coupling must be banned in the following environments:

1. Cannot be used in any environment combustible gases. Banned in combustible gas, combustible powder, incendivity liquid used under the environment Happening, eruptions, the possibility of fire;

2. Remove when braking, press stop button, remove the brakes before, please use the widget support shaft, to prevent the Z axis objects falling damage.

3. Installation process need professional installation personnel to use linear module, if operating errors may cause danger, banned in with magnetoelectric, discharge possible use, namely, electromagnetic, electric static discharge, wireless magnetic waves interfere with the place;

4. The design of the terminal effect operation to Guarantee not let power ( Electricity, air, pressure, etc. ) Suddenly disappears at risk, so when gripping objects falling, as the object of the size, weight, temperature and chemical testing, appropriate security check protective measures. Such as vertical using linear gear coupling, the planetary gear motor needs to be installed to the brakes.
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