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Kk module equipment _ _ high-speed linear module design with fingerprint group

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
For machinery and equipment, the advantage of processing generally has its own characteristics, but because it is a mechanical equipment, so the first reaction to the enterprise is clumsy, linear gear coupling into, is helpful to the design of the mechanical equipment using the expanded complex, so the flexibility, the efficient laser welding machine equipment using the simple automatic and intelligent processing, realizing a line of production mode, can be batch processing and production.

the China & other; Throughout the world's factory &; , in recent years, the manufacturing has not only confined to the low added value items such as agriculture, light industry production, such as semiconductor, automotive, OLED, high value-added manufacturing mobile communication, is being conducted by foreign to domestic transfer, driving the demand for high-end equipment such as laser equipment.

laser equipment development process, the huge demand, also led to additional equipment industry the development of linear gear coupling, in the laser equipment application extensive use of the above, to promote industrial upgrading.

linear module in the laser industry advantage, high-volume production, shipment time is short, modular design, easy installation, standard product spare parts inventory. Mainland nearby producer, improve previous import long delivery and after-sale processing time long shortcomings, after all. Mature linear module manufacturing process, relative to the company's internal design more precise simple alone, look also more prominent, to the laser industry convenient save Labour, more cost savings.

the current laser industry is booming, the downstream application market following the escalating to expand, upgrade is a big trend of domestic manufacturing equipment is also a big market, grasp the tuyere and ahead of the market the enterprise layout, the first to enjoy to this wave of dividends.

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