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Kk module manufacturers group applied _ _ mechanical fingerprint straight linear slider adjustment

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
Linear module appearance about why the price gap is so big? As is known to all, although linear gear coupling is almost the same in appearance, but the price is different, or even thousands of miles far cry. There are many factors that can caused this difference, linear way the structure of the module itself is a very important reason, there are other factors also can not be ignored.

1. Function

the performance of the linear module is the most important factors influencing the price of the product, the main consideration: effective stroke, the movement precision, load, speed and other factors.

2. Brand

domestic and imported linear module has a lot of differences in price. Imported products price is 2 times more than domestic products, foreign brands in the domestic assembly, the price is more than 1 times the price of domestic products; The price of Hong Kong and Taiwan brand product about a third higher than domestic brand product price; Between the domestic brands also have different price, the key to inspect the factory design, assembly and service ability, then compare the price.

3. Linear module configuration

when comparing shall all stand on the same starting, it is fair. With the start is the same configuration, the same function. Because the same function of different configuration, the price also has the very big difference, good configuration can make linear module smooth operation and long life.

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