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Kk module mute company _ _ linear module manipulator high-speed linear module application

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-30
Linear gear coupling belt is strong rope or glass fiber layer, coated with polyurethane or neoprene ring belt, belt within weeks into dentate, make its meshing with cog belt wheel. Belt speed, accurate transmission ratio, the axial force is small, compact structure, oil resistant, good abrasion resistance, anti-aging performance is good, generally use temperature - 20℃-80℃,v< 50m/s,P< 300千瓦,我< 10, for synchronous drive can also be used for low speed drive.

why linear gear coupling belt drive failure?

1. Fatigue fracture belt body;

2. Toothed shearing and crushing;

3. With side, tooth wear, bag cloth strip;

4. Bearing layer elongation increase, pitch, form the interference of tooth, tooth;

5. Shock, overload with fracture.

in order to keep the belt linear module of life, the diameter of the small pulley than the allowed minimum bending diameter in above table, then convert into a minimum number of teeth. As long as the cost structure and allow, considering from the life of the belt, the number of teeth on the small round a little more than allow the minimum number of teeth as well. The number of teeth on the small round is determined, according to the transmission ratio can be decided to the number of teeth on the big wheel. According to structure to determine the center distance of two pulleys, calculated according to the belt pitch line length or the total number of teeth. At this point, transmission parameters are All finished.

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