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Kk module principle _ _ linear module manipulator design high-speed linear module specification

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
Rectangular coordinate manipulator is mainly composed of executive mechanism, drive mechanism and control system composed of three parts. The hand is used for grasping the artifacts ( Or tools) Part, according to be grasping objects the shape, size, weight, material, and requirements and has a variety of structural form, such as clamping type, type a and type adsorption, etc. Make all kinds of rotation (movement mechanism, make hand Swing) , mobile or compound of the movement to achieve, change by grasping the position and pose of the object. The rise and fall of motion mechanism, scaling, rotating, such as independence movement way, called rectangular coordinate degree of freedom of the manipulator. In order to grab any position and orientation of the target in the space, need to have six degrees of freedom.

degrees of freedom is the key parameter of rectangular coordinate manipulator design. The degrees of freedom, the more the flexibility of rectangular coordinate manipulator, the greater the commonality is wider, its structure is more complex. General dedicated rectangular coordinate manipulator has 2 ~ 3 degrees of freedom. Manipulator control system is based on the rectangular coordinates of each degree of freedom planetary gear motor control, to complete a specific action. Receiving sensor feedback information at the same time, the formation of stable closed-loop control. The core of the control system is usually composed of single-chip microcomputer or DSP, micro control chip, through the programming to achieve the function.

wire is a series of measurement control points, according to the sequence of adjacent connection and constitute a line in the form of plane control pattern. Consists of a series of cable element composition: wire points, is a known point on the wire and stay fixed point; Traverse side, is a line connecting traverse points; Between the edge of lead Angle, guidelines between the horizontal Angle. Connected with known direction of traverse Angle called Angle ( Also called directional Angle) 。

traverse Angle according to the left or right direction in wire and is called the Angle of the left or right corner respectively, and to manage the left Angle is positive, the right corner is negative; A single wire and wire mesh, the difference between nodes, while the latter has a node. Single wire can be arranged into: annexed traverse, began with a known point and ending at another known points; Closed traverse, close to the same known point; A conductor, starting from a known point, neither attached for another known points, not closed with a same known points.

the wire can be arranged as follows: along with the wire, with more than one known points or have other adhesion conditions; Free wire mesh, wire mesh in only one known points and an initial azimuth and does not have adhesion conditions. Open the workbench fixture system, robot clip blows away the iron hand blow air system and cutting fluid, will grab workpiece handling in a specified location.

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