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by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
Linear modules are widely used in semiconductor, LCD, biological pharmacy, rail transportation, intelligent equipment, logistics, warehousing, high-precision equipment, gantry double drive system, test platform, etc. Belt, screw, linear planetary gear motor, three types of linear module in many ways, but don't is very big, concrete or depends on user needs, of course.

linear module belt type:

linear module type belt mainly consists of belt, linear guide, aluminum alloy profile, coupling, planetary gear motor, photoelectric switch, such as zero parts, there are totally enclosed and semi-enclosed, is characterized by fast speed, long trip.

linear module screw type:

screw type linear module mainly has the ball screw, linear guide, aluminum profile, coupling and motor, planetary gear motor parts, such as composition, there are totally enclosed and semi-enclosed, convenient installation, easy maintenance.

two different linear module, because of different specifications, so speed is meaningless. Many factors influence, speed, stroke, generally the longer the trip, the smaller the maximum speed; The width of the gear coupling. Screw machining process and precision, and so on, at the time of equipment selection module, to focus on maximum speed, this relates to the manufacturing efficiency of the equipment. Linear module type belt stroke the ball screw, linear module belt type can only be used on the X axis, and screw type linear module can be used in the Z axis. Linear module belt and the load is different also, type of load is generally 10 kg. Linear module belt type and screw type linear module is the biggest difference accuracy, the corresponding price difference is big. Linear module type belt is suitable for the requirements for precision is not too high, and the linear module screw type suitable for requiring high precision. If you are looking for accuracy is not high, using linear module type belt is ok.

linear module belt type characteristics:

1. Simple structure, convenient to realize long stroke, high speed application

2. High speed, stable, Max speed up to 10 m/S

3. High acceleration response fast

4. High precision, the highest repeat positioning accuracy & plusmn; 0. 5μ m

5. Complete set of solutions, integration module, convenient, fast, and improve the design efficiency

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