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Kk module speed set mute _ _ mechanical fingerprint high-speed linear module application

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-01
Speaking of linear gear coupling believes that many enterprise users are not strange, it appeared to each production enterprises to save more manpower cost and efficient operation. As a valuable CNC machinery configuration is of good quality, service good linear slide unit module, why can have so much charm, so widely used:

1, efficient work performance;

using linear module can last 24 hour all-weather continuous running, it is not the same as artificial still need some time to rest, linear module is belong to product of intelligent automatic so can finish high strength work, and in the whole work can be completed quickly and each different task instructions.

2, the use function of strong;

in linear module can use according to the input signal analysis and processing, complete Various difficult operation task of high precision, and can adapt to all kinds of bad environment for long-term use. In addition also can realize up-down material or straight lines, as long as it is CNC system can complete the command to set can easily complete different tasks.

3, preciseness error-free operation;

linear module configuration is made up of six parts, each part of cooperation is very coordinated RongQia operation, and can identify various signal judgment to realize automatic precise operation process. And the whole operation is controlled through perfecting system of nc data operation, therefore, high accuracy in the operation without error favored by various enterprises on the use.

4, excellent product performance;

linear module on the material used is made from high quality stainless steel material, stainless steel material itself has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance. So you don't because of long time continuous use and affect the service life of truss manipulator, and tolerance of humidity or high temperature environment, therefore has the excellent product performance and can adapt to the working environment of range.

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