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Kk module to adjust load _ _ mechanical fingerprint high-speed linear module brand

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-01
Linear module flatness and straightness of the benchmark algorithms:

- flatness standard The ontology installation datum and slide datum of parallelism is less than & plusmn; 0. 5 mm/M

- straightness standards Slide datum and external linear benchmark gauge parallel less than & plusmn; 0. 5 mm/M

flatness test method: flatness, granite platform.

straightness test method: straightness, granite platform.

linear module section: slide datum, slide, slide block, slippery course, entity installation datum.

inertia calculation:

in general, processing and smelting equipment and shape of the workpiece is not single, it is not easy to calculate, calculation is often broken down into several single shape of inertia, then accumulate the moment of inertia.

load arm length:

can bear load arm length is on behalf of the slide out the longest distance, from the linear gear coupling on the slide lever extends out of the load exceeds permissible value, can cause abnormal vibration and setting time increased, so please be sure to comply with the load arm length limit.

slide length determines the load arm length, loading arm exceeds permissible value, can cause abnormal vibration and setting time increased, so please be sure to follow the load arm length limit.

allowable load torque:

allowable load torque is based on the current slide walk of life as a benchmark to calculate the sliding seat can withstand maximum load torque, different specifications of the linear module on the slippery course of MP, MY, MR, the moment of three directions are not the same. More than the use of the permissible value status, the linear slide rail life is reduced. If can't be used within the permissible value, please make sure in the external equipped with auxiliary linear slide rail.

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