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Kk module use principle of group _ _ mechanical fingerprint high-speed linear module parameters

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
Application of linear gear coupling, make the handling robot can be automated handling operations, grip artifacts, from a machining position moved to another location, can be installed at the end of the different actuators to complete various shape and state of the workpiece handling work, greatly reduce the human heavy manual work. Linear modules are widely application in machine tools and material handling robot, punching machine, automatic production lines, automatic assembly line, automatic handling of pallet handling, container etc.

straight line gear coupling handling function according to certain standards, according to certain principle, no rules stacked with onto one or more of the items selected, cherry-pick, place. Original rely on artificial selection and handling to specify the location of the job after automation, is expected to save labor and reduce operation errors.

because also object moving heavy objects, thus helps to reduce the burden of operators. Handling the difficulties of food industry and other industries of the handling robot, is must use of multi-axis line for object recognition gear coupling and the visual system so as to realize intelligent selection and acting accordingly.

use linear module for pallet is many industries including the food industry production using industrial robot widespread application. Use robot palletizing speed, high efficiency, and can carry heavy items, saves the manpower cost greatly.

straight line module in handling palletizing equipment with high performance, long stroke, high loads meet the heavy industry and a variety of lightweight building configuration combination, can be provided free of charge the construction of the safe and reliable design, provide convenience to customers and for the development of the customer.

straight line module handling robot is a modern automatic control field, a high and new technology in mechanics, mechanics, electric hydraulic pressure technology, automatic control technology, sensor technology, microcontroller technology and computer technology and other fields, has become the modern machinery manufacturing is an important component part of the production system. It has the advantage that can be programmed to complete the tasks of the expected on its structure and performance of man and machine respective advantage, especially reflects the artificial intelligence and adaptability.

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