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Linear guide block module application _ _ leadscrew rail slider specification synchronous belt linear module slider customization

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
Q: how to measure precision linear module?

a: recently, summarizes some about clients often ask us to the question, I know some people in our customer service there often ask questions, to answer to you.

the linear module is a very volatile a product, apply to all kinds of industries, it also used a lot of the environment, is a very comprehensive linear motion of the device. Basic in customer buying linear module will be asked a question is how much is the accuracy of the linear module, of course, we are generally according to the needs of customers for precision recommend to customers, but customers on which a product also we will tell him the accuracy of the linear gear coupling.

recently have a customer for linear gear coupling have such a question, say oneself to buy another linear module seems to feel their module to reach such accuracy, want oneself to measure the accuracy of the linear gear coupling. Of course customers have such doubts we Zhenyu also would be happy to answer for him, for the problem of information Zhenyu engineer.

they give an answer, so small make up adjusted total has the following four steps:

1. Repeat positioning accuracy: to do their bit 7 times repeated positioning in the same direction, to measure the azimuth, calculate the half of the maximum difference meter readings. As the criterion of the test, in the middle of the moving interval and roughly two bearing separation test, will test value of maximum as the measured value, with & plusmn; The biggest difference of 1/2.

2. Parallel operation: linear module platforms are placed in the device specification, using test indicator, the slider can move within the scope of testing, the biggest difference is within the scope of mobile reading measurements.

3. Clearance: internal slider to feed, by just start moving slider test indicator reading as a benchmark, from the beginning of this situation, do not rely on feeding equipment, in with the slider move in the same direction ( The workbench's feed direction) Of load, the test after beginning when the difference in value between the returned and basic value orientation of, as the measured value. Test in the middle of the moving parts and the orientation of the roughly two separation, the maximum as the measured value of the obtained numerical.

4. Positioning accuracy: the maximum length of stroke as a benchmark in a linear module, from the beginning of reference azimuth practice moving interval with the instruction of the absolute value of the maximum error between to show.

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