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Linear guide block module brand _ _ leadscrew rail sliding device cross linear module principle

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-24
In linear gear coupling assembly and use we often ignore, linear module of an important component. In the operation of this part in linear module also has played a very important role. It is in linear module connecting two axis or shaft with the rotary parts, in the process of transfer movement and power swing together, under normal circumstances do not release a electric drill speed reducer. Sometimes as a safety electric drill speed reducer used to prevent the connection parts carry too much load, have the effect of overload protection.

it is coupling, coupling in the application of linear gear coupling, commonly used in screw type linear module. Work in the screw rotation reciprocating linear module has played a very important role in the process. And linear module used in the assembly to the coupling, how are we to choose and buy it, what's the point? There are mainly the following two points.

1. According to linear module choose the type of the planetary gear motor, the planetary gear motor power of the linear gear coupling can be in a certain extent determine the size of the coupling sizes and specifications, etc. , with the coupling torque is proportional to the.

2. The transmission system of load capacity are also an important factor of the variety of coupling. Working load requirements to shock, slow shocks, and torque changes very big work environment, should choose flexible coupling, in order to improve the function of the transmission system of energy efficiency. Need is, frequent startup, forward and reverse turn, will make torque overload, it is bound to affect the lifespan of the coupling. Usually, the coupling of overload operation is only allowed in a very short time very few times.

3. Ends before and after the internal coupling is linear module card slot size to decide, because some linear module is booming, so the slot size is usually fixed.

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