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Linear guide block module company _ screw linear guide rail sliding table use _ cross module specification

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
Linear motor used in various fields, has been more and more widely, its in the course of everyday use, need to pay attention to maintain the basic matters has the following several aspects:

1. Using the environment often should keep dry, linear motor surface should be clean, air inlet should not be affected by dust, fiber and other Obstruct

2. When linear motor thermal protection continuous action occurs, should find out the malfunction of linear motor are overloaded or protection setting value is too low, after eliminating fault, may be put into operation only

3. Should guarantee the linear motor in the process of running a good lubrication. General linear motor running 5000 hours, or should complement or replace grease, found in the operation of the lubrication bearing overheating or metamorphism, hydraulic in grease in a timely manner. Replacing grease, should clean up the old oil, and gasoline wash oil bearing and the bearing cover, then put the ZL - 3 lithium base grease filling half of the bearing cavity between inside and outside the circle ( Of 2) And two thirds ( The 4, 6, 8)

4. When bearing at the end, the life of a linear motor running vibration and noise will obviously happens, check the bearing radial clearance reaches the following values, which should be replaced bearing

5. Removing linear planetary gear motor, from the shaft extension end or stretching end can take out the rotor. If there is no need to remove the fan, or take out the rotor more work, stretching from the shaft end pumped from the stator rotor, should prevent damage stator windings or insulation

6. Replacing winding must take note of the original winding form, size and number of turns, wire gauge, etc. , when the data lost, should be to the factory, change the original design winding, often make the linear motor or a few performance deterioration, even not be able to use the

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