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Linear guide block module custom _ _ leadscrew rail slider factory cross linear module

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
High precision characteristic of linear gear coupling believes everyone not unfamiliar, the highest accuracy can achieve linear gear coupling of plus or minus 0. 01 such a number, look at the Numbers may be you feel nothing, but have you thought about the size of the hair, this figure is equivalent to the size of the two hair! ! ! ! So although a linear module can be rough, mechanical products, but have it you can't imagine it careful and earnest.

it is because the linear module has the characteristics of high precision, so the volume of a linear module but can small, plasticity, add unlimited travel features. Let the linear module applied in all kinds of fine processing applications. Small make up today will tell you the linear gear coupling in micro cutting applications!

micro cutting in diversification in the material and the geometry of the 3 d microfabrication has unique advantages, become a micron and middle scale a new technology in the field of machinery manufacturing. Milling high flexibility, as well as the expansion of the micro miniaturization technology application domain, the micro milling technology development in micro machining field.

micro milling technology in the application of precise three-dimensional micro parts manufacturing, led to a major technological change in the field of micro manufacturing, the difference in the MEMS technology and ultra precision machining technology, this technology is not a linear module, is to use the way of traditional milling and micro small and middle scale parts for high efficiency and high precision is an effective means of micro manufacturing, has the processing materials and can realize the diversity of the unique advantages of the three-dimensional curved surface machining.

tiny mechanical no matter in national defence, aviation, aerospace and civil has a larger market, such as small satellites, aircraft, machine tools, steam turbine generator set, vehicles, firearms, etc. From the point of product development, miniaturization is one of its direction, such as camera, video camera, projectors, mobile phones are more do more small, and the function is continuously improve and perfect. Tiny mechanical processing, therefore, the study of theory and technology has broad application prospects.

to see for the role of the micro cutting, can imagine linear module not only can do the reciprocating movement before and after, more important is to help the country a special significance in science and technology of mechanical products.

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