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Linear guide block module design _ _ leadscrew rail slider precision cross linear module size

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
Speaking of linear gear coupling when the choose and buy, we need to know what aspects? Is the key point is the drive mode of linear module, because many clients actually don't know when buy the drive mode of linear module, and the linear module is different because the drive way prices and terms of use.

linear module have what kind of drive mode, familiar with linear module friend may understand a little. Strictly linear module only two kinds of driving mode, drive mode is a kind of screw type, another way is to type synchronous belt drive. These two kinds of driving mode in condition of using the different nature, a price may be more expensive, a relative to the price will be cheaper.

just look at these two kinds of driving mode, what are the different characteristics of! ! ! !

the driving mode of linear module type screw is characteristic of high repeatability, can reach & plusmn; 0. 005 mm high precision and high load. Usually used in the industrial production has a certain accuracy of the production process. Type screw driver in the selection process should pay attention to the selection of screw, this is usually based on factors such as load, rotational speed and torque. Screw type linear module when using linear module should pay attention to the maintenance of the screw. Cleaning after a long distance, to the timely replacement of cleaning dirt and grease, usually half a month to maintain time, type and screw drive mode for different slant generally expensive accessories.

linear module type synchronous belt drive mode is characterized by fast, usually with the fastest speed can reach 2 m/s, maximum effective stroke can reach 3 m, and screw module has not greater than 1. 5 m range, relatively low precision and high load, synchronous belt module is widely used in industrial production process, and the type synchronous belt drive mode is different because the accessories is generally more affordable price.

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