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Linear guide block module equipment _ leadscrew rail slider how _ synchronous belt linear module sliding table design

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
A product you want to the customer's affirmation, in an industry with the customer's choice of his, this product needs to have the ability in the first place. The same must have an advantage, or others with what with you? Rather than in an industry, or even more to widely used in the industry, we must have to change the importance of qualitative advantage.

speak a simple application of the iron and steel, steel everyone knows he is widely applied, from small to spoon to large machinery steel is the most widely used. And applicability, why can have such steel is mainly its plasticity and irreplaceability, has two is enough to make it get enough recognition in the majority of the industry.

and linear module of truth also is so, then the linear module is a what kind of features? Follow step of small make up together and see the linear module superior transmission characteristics:

1. Transmission accurately, non-slip at work, and have a constant transmission ratio;

 2. Smooth transmission, with buffer, damping capacity, low noise;

 3. High transmission efficiency, energy saving effect is obvious;

 4. Convenient maintenance, without lubrication and maintenance cost is low;

 5. Can be used for long distance transmission, center distance can reach more than 10 m;

 6. Large range of speed ratio, generally up to 1 m, up to 5 m/S, linear velocity has a larger scope of power transmission, can amount to several hundred to a few hundred kw, according to the need to match a stepper planetary gear motor or servo planetary gear motor.

because of transmission characteristics of linear module is superior, have higher rated load ratio and linear bearing, and can take some high torque, thus in the case of high load operation to achieve high precision linear transmission. For linear gear coupling in the engraving machine, handling equipment, food machinery, printing machinery, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, LCD panel manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, discharge machine, laser machine, screen printing machine, screen printing reciprocating engine using and so on are widely used in machinery.

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