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Linear guide block module handbook good _ _ leadscrew rail slider which cross linear module mute

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
Linear module control technical classification, linear module is also called linear gear coupling stable growth in practical industrial application, prove that linear module can be at ease use. The following simple introduce linear module types and their different from rotating module. So control technology research of the basic linear gear coupling can be divided into which a few respects?

most of the research of linear module control technology can be divided into three aspects: one is the traditional control technology, the second is the modern control technology, three is intelligent control technology.

the traditional control technology such as PID feedback control, decoupling control in ac servo system has been widely used. Implication of PID control in the process of dynamic control in the past, present and future of information, has strong robustness, ac servo planetary gear motor drive system is one of the most basic way of control.

in the object model, does not change and is linear, and operating conditions, operating environment is to determine the same conditions, the traditional control technique is simple and effective. But in high precision micro feed of high performance, it must consider the changes to the structure and parameters. Various nonlinear effects, the change of running environment and environment interfere with time varying and uncertainty factor, can obtain the satisfied control effect. Therefore, modern control technology in the study of linear gear coupling control caused great attention.

common control methods are: adaptive control, sliding mode variable structure control, robust control and intelligent control. At present the main is to fuzzy logic, neural network and PID, H∞ Control of the existing mature control method, the combination of complement each other, in order to obtain better control performance.

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