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Linear guide block module _ leadscrew rail slider application _ cross linear module load

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
Linear module, how to ensure accuracy and service life of the work? Linear module in use process have been to two word for precision work target, and have such precision linear module can carry on the high accurate precision production and work, to do all kinds of mechanical equipment precision requirements are high. Linear module of the overall operation, of course, not only focus on the precision of the work, work and life.

assumptions compare linear module work to a person, so accuracy is its demand for quality, service life is linear module of time requirements. Do a good job in both linear module in a working link to grasp well enough. How to ensure the accuracy of linear gear coupling's work and life, is a problem facing many customers now.

the precision of the linear module guarantee is generally during the installation process, a good production processes that control the precision of the linear module. Followed by linear module case of damage caused by the fault in the later use process accuracy. Grasp both high quality linear module is one of the clients that precision is important one annulus, and how to guarantee the linear module fault impact accuracy in using process?

that is the maintenance of linear gear coupling, and the use of the load. Ensure the maintenance of the linear module can not only ensure accuracy can also guarantee the life of the linear module. Combining the above summarized the guarantee the linear module precision in your work and life!

1. Using linear module, not more than a straight line module load limit, in case of influence on the performance of the linear gear coupling high accuracy to use to reduce the service life of the straight line module.

2. Carrying objects to install in the suitable position of the linear module, not beyond the level of mesa foreign aid.

3. Linear module maintenance regularly, lubricating oil to use on a regular basis.

4. Linear module belongs to the high precision products, pay attention to the context of use when using, prevent the extremely high temperature, low temperature, temperature fluctuations, direct sunlight, high humidity and high dust, high sensation, high impact and easy condensation environment application.

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