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Linear guide block module manufacturers _ leadscrew rail slider use _ cross linear module control

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
Linear gear coupling paragraphs trip how to calculate? When we buy a linear gear coupling would always go to the seller asked a question of stroke, while many people don't know what is his schedule. Most of the time schedule is calculated according to the use of distance, never decided to linear module working stroke and total stroke. Travel size to determine the working frequency of the linear module, is a lot of customers give the seller the stroke and speed requirements.

because travel speed of different if the customer need to be fast, so the long journey of linear power module is configured, the higher the planetary gear motor, while the opposite conversely. And linear module stroke are always travel = effective stroke + yu cheng, so how to calculate the paragraphs schedule? This is a knowledge, many sellers need to know some of the same assembly ability of the customer also need to know.

linear module of paragraphs stroke mainly determined by linear module of ball screw, ball screw's schedule has a formula, containing ( Total stroke, effective stroke, yu cheng) These three factors, the formula is: the total stroke = effective stroke more than + process. Next, just about every factor represents the meaning of what?

total trip: all the whole root screw thread length;

effective stroke: nut from the screw of the end the distance traveled by moving to the other side; Teams: more than

the length of the nut 1

2 screw ends sometimes will appear because of the extra corresponding to build cannot be nut after the length of the

3 position to facilitate processing of the wrench

when the ball screw nut after running to the effective stroke, still can be a proper rotation, but under normal circumstances, can't turn, or it will hurt the ball screw, ball particles and nut dropping off, therefore, is generally not recommended for running too much forward.

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