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Linear guide block module parameter _ _ leadscrew rail slider specification cross linear module quotation

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
After we buy linear module or using linear module, do we really know about linear module really? Do you know may be linear gear coupling with a straight line reciprocating movement, can do some specified for feeding way of some mechanical movement. And if we speak linear module in mechanical equipment mainly, what features do you really know?

any product application on mechanical equipment has its unique features to real application on these mechanical equipment, a simple example, such as screw, screw on mechanical products is indispensable, but we know that only it can be fixed machinery and equipment and the function of the assembly. And it will have the characteristics of stiffness, bite, applicability and toughness of the aspects, such as properties.

and linear module also is same, same below small make up to you to introduce linear module on mechanical equipment have what features!

1. Convenient assembly, interchangeability,

the linear rolling guide are interchangeable in the module. As long as change the slide block or guide rail or the linear rolling guide, can obtain higher precision. Synchronous belt convenient maintenance, convenient maintenance, no lubrication, low maintenance cost.

2. Positioning accuracy sexual

linear rolling guide movement in linear module adopts steel ball rolling guide, small frictional resistance, small friction resistance, low speed is not easy to crawl. High repeat positioning accuracy, suitable for frequent start or reversing parts; Synchronous belt work without sliding, transmission accuracy, constant velocity ratio.

3. Adapt to recommend suite

linear module with vibration, buffer, the advantages of low noise, linear rolling guide module. Due to the small friction resistance, power source and transmission mechanism required miniaturization, greatly reducing the drive torque. Has realized the high speed linear motion, improve the efficiency of the mechanical equipment.

4. Reduce frictional

in linear module because of friction energy dissipation friction linear rolling guide system is small, rolling surface friction loss is small, long-term in a state of high precision. At the same time, the use amount of lubricating oil is very small, easy to design and maintenance of mechanical equipment lubrication system.

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