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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
The difference between the positioning accuracy and repeat precision linear module? As linear module in our Zhenyu buy more and more customers, and formed a good reputation in the industry. And so, through the network platform to find our clients are also more and more, of course this also want to thank and old customers to our linear module have been used, Zhenyu a support for us.

and the problem that the customer more than a consulting linear module will have, the more recent customers often consulting it is also a problem: the difference between the positioning accuracy and repeat precision linear module? Honestly don't know much about the problem of linear gear coupling of the customer, for this problem is really don't know. Even with some linear module of old customers may also don't know. This problem can be said to belong to the linear module of a trivia, today small make up here to explain some!

first of all, we know what is the positioning accuracy and repeatability of linear module, positioning accuracy refers to the linear module, a precise value for each of the job, every time on the precise value accurately, the limit of the general linear module of nakagawa positioning accuracy value in plus or minus 0. 01.

so what is the repeat precision of linear module? Repeat precision linear module refers to on the positioning accuracy of the ideal value, each time the reciprocating work precision difference. The smaller the repeat precision difference also proves that the linear module every reciprocating work error is smaller. Mr Nakagawa and linear module under the precision has remained at a high level, repeat accuracy can reach 0. Less than 5 um.

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