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Linear guide block module quotation _xy sliding table module supplier _ synchronous belt linear module machine manual

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-24
In industrial production, the degree of automation has become the important measure of a enterprise strength, and the application of linear module plays a very important position. But the kinds of linear module has a lot of, also has a lot of, can't blind choice, more can't install, in the process, there are a lot of problems need attention. Then, linear modules in the process of selection and installation are what need to notice?

in the first place, in the process of the purchase should be in accordance with the requirements for use. While this requirement includes many aspects. Such as the most obvious requirement for precision, such as the high accuracy applications, it is recommended to use screw type linear module, and the occasions with low requirements for precision belt type linear optional module. And load requirements, generally speaking, the same structure sizes of belt type linear module than screw type linear module of the load. And other such as speed requirement, and using the environment requirements do consider, sure is to use clean environment with linear module or general environment using linear module, to ensure that the service life of linear gear coupling.

second, although linear gear coupling installation is quite easy, just put the related artifacts tighten, without complex adjustment program can be used. But after all belong to the driving part of precision, linear gear coupling during the installation process still need to pay attention to take light put, otherwise it may due to causes such as collision precision is not allowed.

best, linear module and maintenance, should pay attention to apply lubricating oil regularly, especially in the rainy season should be pay attention to rust. With the wide use of nc machine tools, automation equipment, the orientation of high precision, small friction coefficient, stiffness of linear guide also has been more widely used, people pay attention to the quality of its own at the same time, also more attention to its use and maintenance.

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