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Linear guide block module selection _ leadscrew rail slider to adjust _ cross linear module

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
Linear servo motor module what is the cause of the damage? In the use of any mechanical electronic products will have damage fault, this is inevitable. As long as the machinery and electronics products it work for you, so no good maintenance in running it, or for use for a long time it caused some breakdown should not use, we are unable to control. And how to control a mechanical electronic not to damage, we need to consider the damage reasons of why.

in common use of machinery and electronics products of the electric fan in our life, we all know that a product outside the electric fan is not easy, unless you are using a mechanical aging caused by years, fault, under normal use is the basic signs of won't appear damage, unless the quality of the brand was really bad, with it didn't take long to appear some loose parts.

and we are in the use of linear module also is so, in the process of using linear module with a servo motor is electric fans, for example, may also be damaged because of some reasons. To find the cause of the damage of servo motor, is better linear module normal use. Below small make up for everyone to analyze the failure reasons of linear gear coupling, servo motor under! ! ! !

1. Servo motor for bearing damage, cause end cover wear, spindle wear, sweep the rotor chamber, line package damage burn is a main reason;

2. Beyond the servo motor load, motor drag equipment abnormal vibration, abnormal external intervention. And artificial increase power can cause motor output is too large, such as current exceed the rating, the winding fever ranks, a little bit longer time can cause enameled wire insulation damage;

3. Servo system, because the water be affected with damp be affected with damp be affected with damp be affected with damp or the insulation is reduced, is also a common cause of damage to do daily protection. Pay attention to and insulation test on a regular basis. Especially with frequency converter drive planetary gear motor, more need to be careful this, otherwise can even inverter a damage;

4. open phase running: if the noise is very big, and severe fever, this also is the deadly killer of three-phase asynchronous servo motor, generally run more than ten minutes is burnt out. If the power supply system lack of phase, is likely to cause more damage of electric motor.

5. Other reasons, such as voltage too low or too high, the vibration caused by loose terminal phase fault, pest damage, motor rated voltage and the actual voltage not cooperate; All sorts of decompression starter circuit fault transformation is caused, servo electrical pilot work time low pressure and so on.

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