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Linear guide block module size _xy sliding table module manufacturers _ synchronous sliding table with linear module selection

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
How to embody linear module practicality characteristic? Summarizes some recent about clients often ask us to the question, I know some people in our customer service there often ask questions, to answer to you.

believes that many people no matter in what to buy the product will be asked in a word, the practicability of your products, ok? What are the characteristics? The two questions for any product usability, so to speak. If you are a usability product sellers of this sentence is not a stranger. Like what we are after all common product of electric rice cooker, also in the face of an unknown brand, users will always have some concerns. And they were afraid you can't cook so many products, also afraid of you product use effect is not good. Boiled out of things too poor to imagine with users.

a product if you want to know how the practicality of it, are the characteristics? Have to buy their own use in person, or it is the application of case enough to reflect the practical features of this product. And the recent customer asked us a question is: most you practical linear module? What are the characteristics?

in our customer design requirements, in order to satisfy the lock screw machine using linear module respectively with customer groups: linear module, cross positioning linear servo gear coupling, triaxial cantilever type linear module combination, gantry linear module combination, and other customized production, cooperate to achieve humanized product technology. Combination of both uniaxial and multiaxial linear gear coupling, to the best product performance to win the customer the consistent high praise, in a top position in the numerous world famous brands. Has an obvious advantage of product price, and can help customers to reduce investment of equipment costs. Reduce the downstream manufacturers the backlog of inventory risk and capital, and provides the integrated technology services, save the customer product development time and cost, provide the best mechanical and electrical engineering, automation of institutions, systems and technology consulting, design, test to the integrity of the after-sales service.

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