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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
Architecture is a very tired, very reciprocating a project. We often hear a word is for construction industry & other; Move brick & throughout; This words, even though the at present have a lot of fun, but have to say is this job is not so easy as we speak, actually he is a very tired of the profession.

“ Move brick & throughout; Associate is a repeat of the process of a process, in the face of such a process to select manual to do it, not only have to spend a lot of manpower material resources, are time consuming. If choose linear module to complete, it will greatly improve the work efficiency and realize fully automated fashion line operation, can be said to be the solution enterprise must be a critical issue now.

the application of linear modules do not understand friend maybe don't know, it was not just a can only finish the linear motion of the reciprocating motion device, the same linear gear coupling can also complete materials and handling take put a manual operation. For such if choose robot to complete the operation, the amount of cost will be very high, and the linear gear coupling to vacancies on the robot such high fees, and able to finish the task faster.

in the construction industry using linear gear coupling of multi-axis structures, application, will be better, more efficient power to complete the task with you.

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