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Linear guide block module specification _xy _ synchronous belt linear slide unit module parameters module machine factory

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
When we buy a linear module, usually see every one may have different price. It is possible at the time of selection of different specifications, if same specification which may vary each one USES the accessories. As the price of the different accessories brand overall, will differ very much. Because different brand also affects the quality of the product.

if we are a assembly factory, which we should buy with focus on linear module is the stability of prices of spare parts, and the stability of our product processing. And small make up today and you talk about an important part in linear module appearance shape, the appearance of the linear module aluminum prices is not stable, also affects the linear gear coupling of the whole purchase price.

details found advantages, product comparison. Synchronous belt transmission device, for example, the belt module prices are relatively low, but the positioning precision ball screw as module, suitable for packaging machinery or printing machinery automation equipment for precision is low. Belt module through specific design, in side can use synchronous belt movement of the elastic belt tensioner control, convenient debugging of equipment in the production process.

belt module used in synchronous belt with polyurethane sheath cable, so that it is not easy to damage. Contrast with screw module, synchronous belt device noise is low, screw module is running, high noise belt module speed relatively much faster, belong to light rapid positioning. So, the synchronous belt module, the price will be on the rise. Considering the cost and after-sales. Aluminum and high carbon steel, can be used for support or low plate, greatly reduce the linear module design and manufacturing cost.

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