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Linear guide block module speed _ leadscrew rail slider mute _ synchronous belt linear module application

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
With the development of the industry, mechanical products to meet all sorts of different customers, and meet the production requirements of now has to consider these points. Enterprise production efficiency and quality has been a very important factor in production process, how to better cooperate with the two points of the enterprise has become a mechanical products now have been the goal of continuous improvement. And linear module in also try different kinds of change and technology application, today small make up to you and to speak is servo technology in the application of the linear gear coupling.

linear module has been used before is common the application of step planetary gear motor, the stepper planetary gear motor technology application, there are some disadvantages of easy to produce resonance; Difficult to run to the higher speed, difficult to get a larger torque; Without the advantage in terms of volume weight; Low energy efficiency more than load will destroy the synchronization, produces vibration and noise when high speed work. These problems to stand in the Angle of the enterprise, will affect the enterprise of a production quality and efficiency.

after the application of the linear module adopts servo technology, greatly changed the status quo. Servo technology standard of high precision, high speed vehicle. High bearing capacity of adaptation, the stability of low speed running for servo technology in the application of linear module, greatly changed the enterprise demand for these aspects. Although not all companies will choose to adopt servo technology application, but if your products require high precision, high efficiency of production, using a linear servo technology application module is definitely one of the best you choose.

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