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Linear guide block module stroke _xy sliding table module brand _ synchronous belt sliding table using linear module

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
Due to the linear gear coupling is automated machinery and equipment, so in practice must change, strictly grasp good precision and make the necessary accuracy of measurement.

1. Parallel operation: in the equipment specification is placed on linear gear coupling of the platform scale, using test indicator, the slider can move within the scope of testing, the biggest difference is within the scope of mobile reading measurements.

2. Positioning accuracy: the maximum length of stroke as a benchmark in a straight line gear coupling, from the beginning of reference azimuth practice moving interval with the instruction of the absolute value of the maximum error between to show.

3. Repeat positioning accuracy: the seven times repeated positioning of any point in the same direction, to measure the azimuth, calculate the half of the maximum difference meter readings. As the criterion of the test, in the middle of the moving interval and roughly two bearing separation test, will test value of maximum as the measured value, with & plusmn; The biggest difference of 1/2.

4. Clearance: internal slider to feed, slider has just started moving test indicator reading as a benchmark, starting from the situation, not depend on the feeding device, in with the slider move in the same direction ( The workbench's feed direction) Of load, the test after beginning when the difference in value between the returned and basic value orientation of, as the measured value. Test in the middle of the moving parts and the orientation of the roughly two separation, the maximum as the measured value of the obtained numerical.

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