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Linear guide block module supplier selection _ _ leadscrew rail slider cross linear module which is good

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-24
Now a lot of company production mode is a state of long-term work, but some companies because of the particularity of product is probably need a season working processing. Because it's different company, when in the face of such characteristics of the new company in must be in the face of such a state, may machine to have a long time in the idle work.

for understanding friend may know mechanical products, a mechanical products often use may not be unusual, and if not to use likely there will be some problem for a long time. This should be a lot of mechanical product may have a problem, especially the car engine as is common in our life, if put it there for a long time not to open, can be difficult to would be a start, hard to speed up some of the problems.

we use the same linear module will also encounter this problem, for a long time is not linear modules may encounter motor jammed, screw rust, commutator damage to some of the problems! And in the face of such a special seasonal production company, how do we want to be in this period of idle time, guarantee the linear module will not be damaged, below small make up just to tell you about the maintenance methods of linear module does not use for a long time!

1. Collocation such as linear module for dc motor, the planetary gear motor stopped when the brush must be removed from the dc motor, in order to avoid the chemical etching commutator damage, make the commutator performance and even make the whole linear module can't work normally.

2. Timing to linear module power, especially in the rainy season or in the environment of the humidity is bigger more often electricity. Under the condition of the planetary gear motor is not running the machine lock, let it idle running, using the heating principle of the electrical components to disperse the moisture inside the linear module, in order to ensure its stable and reliable performance. And often electricity can guarantee the spare battery charging demand, but need to check the voltage of the battery, such as too low to be replaced immediately, in order to prevent data loss caused by power.

3. To stop using the linear gear coupling use anti-rust oil and lubrication, regularly to prevent rust or corrosion, avoid to use when failure occurs.

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