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Linear guide block module to adjust _ _ leadscrew rail slider load synchronous belt linear module slider brand

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
High performance characteristics of linear module has always been customer focus point, the high performance linear module also has been a very important part of power enterprise production. It not only ensures the quality of our products, at the same time ensures the shipments of our products. Good supply chain has always been the key to maintain customer relationship, high performance linear module, it just reflected in this piece.

how to choose the high performance linear gear coupling into customers need to deliberate a problem, we all know that often when we buy watermelon back look at its appearance, and even to take a shot it listen to sound, sound is ringing is compared commonly sweet, the voice is deep, is probably not cooked.

we chose the same linear module also is such, choose high performance linear gear coupling, actually also is not very difficult, as long as it is to grasp the time, I believe that even don't know the small white also can get very good linear module:

1. Positioning accuracy against the high-grade: it USES is inkjet printers principle;

2. Axis of dustproof performance is good: double guide rail with roller form;

3. ” 0' Clearance: the slider on the eccentric wheel can adjust good guide by degrees and firmness;

4. Unique design, small size, easy installation and maintenance;

5. Light load: BOH40 horizontal load within 15 kg.

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