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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
Linear module choice there are two different choice, many people of the two kinds of structure types of linear module not familiar with, at the time of purchase is hard to choose. When we are linear module, not only conforms to their own needs, all aspects of product approval at the same time, the linear module is higher than the original budget to do, don't give up the purchase? Or is not too ideal of choose and buy cheap module?

is the first to clear linear module: linear module which machine is the most suitable business? Only to find the right specifications of the linear module, can compare prices. Of course, we hope that the linear module performance, under the condition of same lowest price is the best. The performance of the linear module designed by linear module itself, choose the material specifications, assembly technology and so on. Different materials, different methods of assembly, the structure of different linear module performance difference is very big, can not only consider the price factor, below small make up will tell you the screw type linear gear coupling and the difference of belt type and choose!

linear module belt type screw and linear module type is the most common linear module family of two kinds of classification. With a high precision, high load and high speed, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance of automatic transmission parts, they have very excellent cost-effective, so almost used in every field. But these two types of modules are still have a lot of different places, and accurate grasp of the differences between them can help the customer to choose the most suitable products to meet our production needs.

linear module belt type screw and linear module type on the precision and speed of the biggest differences. Because of structure, linear module type belt speed transmission effect is better than linear module type screw, so when we use the speed or acceleration as the first consideration, general linear module belt type selection. For high accuracy requirement, generally choose linear gear coupling screw type.

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