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Linear guide how _xy slider sliding block module module prices _ synchronous belt precision linear module sliding table

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
The use of the linear module must be used in the process of motor control, to make linear module normal use. Generally we choose to use the machine has two kinds of different types, one is a linear stepper motor control module, the second is linear servo motor control gear coupling. Two motor control has its different advantages, but many servo motor to stepper motor control, because the servo planetary gear motor is improved on the basis of its upgrade. The linear servo motor control gear coupling used generally used in those places, respectively, and those characteristics?

linear module using servo motor control is used in electronic equipments, positioning, spraying parts transfer of industry, etc. Workpiece positioning, clip, handling, insert, such as production automation, it is widely used in include various scale application and high precision positioning device, mechanical arm, packaging equipment, non-standard equipment, printing equipment, textile machinery, woodworking machinery, equipment, dispensing machines, spraying machines, CNC machinery, automation, robot detection equipment, cutting, production line handling, rectifying, valves and so on.

linear gear coupling using servo motor control applications:

1. Automatic spray, spray painting machine: can reduce artificial, save coating raw materials.

2. Automatic dispensing machine: can reduce artificial, saving coating raw materials.

3. Get books automatic machine: used for large library equipment, convenient management.

linear servo motor control module used features:

1. Precision, strong, can use single shaft and can be used in multi-axis combination, can be applied modularization

2. The weight is light, the output is big, fast response, high speed, small inertia, the rotation smooth, stable torque.

Zhenyu linear module more more sections of a unique positioning control characteristic advantage, fast acceleration and positioning time is short, good dynamic performance, firm structure, both sides of the linear module ( On the right side, left side) And both ends have motor interface, may coordinate the location of the installation.

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