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Linear guide rail sliding block module USES principle _ _ leadscrew rail slider synchronous sliding table with linear module parameters

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
Linear module in use process, do you really know about it? When we choose to use a linear module, we not only need to know its use tutorials, as well as to understand the linear module in other ways. Linear module, we can guarantee the linear module can be used in our normal operation in the process, where the faults of our own can dispose of them.

the following two points to everyone is more important, when you buy a linear gear coupling must understand the knowledge of a simple. Such ability can let you won't have too much doubt after purchase. Small make up today to tell everyone about is the composition and installation method of the linear module!

linear module is composed of linear guide, ball screw with servo ( Step by step) Aluminum shell planetary gear motor and other parts of a linear motion components, automation can match gas claw, claw machinery, such as the parts to complete various actions such as fetching, processing, welding. The positioning accuracy and sensitivity are quite high. Among them, the sensitivity refers to the movement components can realize the minimum scope; Positioning accuracy refers to the movement artifacts will be effected according to the require the ability to stop at the specified position. Motion sensitivity and positioning accuracy and guide rail type, friction characteristics, movement speed, transmission stiffness, component quality and other factors.

measurement unit structure is simple and compact, light weight, high strength aluminum alloy module and the base is put into a double row of resisting moment wide linear guide, high rigidity, high precision, small volume, light weight, easy install and use. System structure is simple and can save space and reduce the equipment cost, and the user can specify the planetary gear motor according to utility of species, varieties of ball screw, lead, with the function of brake planetary gear motor, such as selecting position constitute parts of the workbench.

the installation method of the linear module: linear gear coupling is fairly easy to installation, the related artifacts locking, does not need the complex adjustment program, you can set up high-precision linear transmission applications. In order to make the user more convenient installation, on the u-shaped slide rail and slide all arrangements for the assembly of bearing surface, make assembly accuracy can be very easily.

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