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Linear guide rail sliding module devices _ manipulator module _ cross linear module design

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
The use of the linear motor has a unique characteristic of rotary motor are irreplaceable. But not any occasion to use linear motor can achieve good effect. Therefore must first understand the basic principles of linear motor selection, in order to use it properly. Its basic principle has the following four major purpose.

1. The appropriate speed

linear motor speed related to synchronous speed, which is proportional to pole pitch synchronous efficiency. So the choice of the pole pitch range determines the speed range. Pole pitch is too small will reduce the utilization rate of slot, increase slot leakage resistance and reduce the quality factor, thus reducing the efficiency and power factor of the motor. The lower limit of pole pitch usually get a 3 cm. Polar distance can not limit, but when the output power of the motor must, the longitudinal length of primary iron core is limited; At the same time in order to reduce the longitudinal edge effect, the pole of the motor can't too little, so the polar distance can't be too big.

2. Appropriate thrust

rotation motor can adapt to a lot of thrust. Will rotate the motor with different transmission, speed and torque can be different. In the case of low speed, torque can expand dozens to hundreds, so that with a small rotation motor can drive a big load, power, of course, is conserved. Linear motor is different, it can't use gearbox change speed and thrust, so its thrust cannot expand. To get a bigger thrust, only by increasing the size of the motor. Sometimes it is not economic. In general, in industrial applications, the linear motor is suitable for light load.

3. Suitable reciprocating frequency

in industrial applications, the linear induction planetary gear motor is a reciprocating motion. In order to achieve higher productivity, requires high reciprocating frequency. This means that the motor should be in a relatively short period of time to finish the trip, on a trip, go through the process of acceleration and deceleration, which is to start and brake one at a time. Reciprocating frequency is higher, the greater the efficiency of the motor, the greater the acceleration of the thrust, sometimes even more than the load thrust acceleration of the thrust. Thrust increase, leading to the size of the motor, and its quality increase caused by acceleration of the thrust to further improve, sometimes create a vicious cycle.

4. Proper positioning accuracy

in many applications, when the motor running in place by the mechanical limit to stop moving. In order to make the small impact when in place, can be combined with mechanical cushioning device. Without mechanical limit, compare locating method is simple, before put in place by travel switch control, do reverse connect braking and braking energy of engine, to stop when in place.

linear motor selection methods:

1. Custom positioning system: linear motor expert team to work together with customers, together with the customer clear detailed requirements of linear motor positioning system, based on this, advances the system solution, after waiting for customer confirm solution into the implementation, the advantage is aimed at the status of the specific requirements, make the system more convenient, more practical, solve the problem more comprehensive, and the system get a better cost performance improvement. Suggested that the large positioning systems and high value batch system adopts the selection mode.

2. Standard positioning system, developed a series of standard linear motor system, customers can directly choose according to need. Linear motor platform concrete under uniaxial and biaxial motor platform, planar motors, torque motor rotating platform, etc.

3. Customer self-assembly positioning system: if you want to save cost and have the ability to assemble and standardization of the linear electric motor can be ordered with the stator components, manufacturer of controller and driver of choose and buy, self-assembly positioning system.

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