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Linear guide rail sliding table module application _ manipulator _ linear positioning module load module application

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Linear module is often used in the spraying and garment industry, but the linear modules are used in these industries is mainly why, do you know? In fact is to complete a steady precision linear motion. We all know that we live in the ordinary spray and garment cutting, the only thing to do is uniform! ! ! !

evenly spray, can let the appearance look better. Evenly cut, can let the cloth is not wasted. Although it is a simple & other; Evenly throughout the &; Two words, but in the implementation of the human need to be very dedicated and to maintain the stability of the long time, visible though say it is a simple two words, but the actual operation process need to pay to the less.

because of objective existence the question, the linear module can be widely used in these industries. Which need to be applied to the linear orientation precision of the module is, for the guidance accuracy such a nouns don't know how do you understand? Orientation precision actually refers to movement along the guide rail guide surface components during its trajectory accurately movement.

listen to the guidance accuracy knew why linear gear coupling can do & other; Evenly throughout the &; Two words! Orientation precision of the application, there are a lot of these are just two of the more typical application, hope to be able to help you better understand linear gear coupling.

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