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Linear guide rail sliding table module brand _ manipulator module equipment _ linear positioning module principle

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Linear module, how to correctly install the linear guide? Any products can have its unique features, is not only the product itself have, there are many factors that determine the. May understand to the mechanical product friends should know that a lot of product appearance, internal structure is different, but once the characteristics of its final produce will happen very big change.

the same linear gear coupling is the same, familiar with linear module friends know. Linear module is divided into two different types of internal structure, the two kinds of internal structure is screw and belt, and two for the internal structure of the common its feature is also have very big difference. But there is a common feature is the stability and accuracy, although the two kinds of precision difference of each different, but all have such characteristics.

and it has such features, completely thanks to the two different linear module structure with a Shared component linear guide, linear guide is a very important component in linear gear coupling, for its installation has many manufacturers and sellers could not grasp, below small make up short to everyone under linear guide linear gear coupling, how to properly installed.

1. In the linear guide carefully before you check clear installation mechanical burr and dirt on the surface of the table. Due to the linear guide on coated with anti-rust oil, before installation, please wipe clean with wash oil after installation. Anti-rust oil after get rid of datum are easy to rust, recommend the spindle with low viscosity lubricating oil.

2. After linear guide gently placed in the base, not completely lock mounting bolts to make linear guide and installation surface gently on tight. ( The base of the horizontal datum with the linear guide on the marked line side. Please use the clean the mounting bolts to a fixed linear guide. At the same time, the insert assembly bolt straight line guide rail mounting holes, to confirm whether the bolt hole in advance. If you don't anastomosis and forcible twist into the bolt hole, will reduce the accuracy.

3. In order to stop screw linear guide, surface close to the orbit and the horizontal installation. Use the torque wrench, tighten mounting bolts according to the specified torque. Linear guide assembly bolts tighten order is from a central location to the shaft end tighten in sequence, which can obtain stable precision.

4. The rest of the linear guide is installed by the same method, until the installation is complete.

5. The hole cover into the bolt hole assembly, until the top surface with linear guide for the same plane.

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