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Linear guide rail sliding table module manufacturers _ manipulator module use _ linear positioning module control

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Welding, the most common in people daily life is the manual welding, the welding is also known as the harm of human body, the speed is quite slow, production efficiency is also difficult to have ascended, ensure the product quality, efficiency is compromised, so people are always not to explore new ideas and methods, can have automatic welding equipment instead of manual operation? For Mr Nakagawa linear module has been gradually into the automatic welding equipment, to ban artificial manual welding.

automatic welding manipulator by linear module as the main mobile operation part, in the configuration of servo planetary gear motor and PLC programmable control, meet all kinds of customers personalized welding technology, linear module as a straight line reciprocating movement of the planar manipulator unit, the most simple welding is straight seam welding, can according to the customer, the size of the workpiece, setting different parameters in order to satisfy customers' special xu. Is not only convenient and quick for customers, reduce labor costs at the same time, also has greatly improved productivity and ascend.

the characteristics of the automatic welding linear gear coupling application:

1, stable, and improving the quality of welding, to ensure the uniformity of welding;

2 and reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, can be continuous uninterrupted work;

3, replace artificial can work under harsh environment;

4, reduce the workers welding technical requirements;

5, shorten the product modification and upgrading of preparation period, reduce equipment investment accordingly.

the above linear module is small make up for you in the application and characteristics of welding industry, hope I can help you better understand linear module!

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