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Linear guide rail sliding table module selection _ manipulator module, adjusting _ linear positioning module

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Linear module has a very wide range of application is known to all, from all walks of life there are very few actually linear module can't applicable scenario. Many people say that the linear module is widely used because it can lead to different structure, in fact, from this point of terms also a lot of unreasonable, because linear module of different structure make it a lot of fast applicable conditions.

automatic test equipment in the machinery industry friends may have to its understanding, automatic testing equipment is a very sophisticated detection analysis instrument. Because of its high precision requirements, a lot of people said composition of these accessories will also be demanding. Certainly yes, because the linear module to join to the real implementation of high precision automation.

for such application is completely due to the structure of the linear module screw set, because linear module, this special structural setting, let it can just satisfy automatic testing equipment. Linear gear coupling screw structure not only the linear module reached plus or minus 0. 04 high precision characteristics, also because of the screw drive linear module enough stability.

because the screw structure design features of linear module, when being applied in automatic test equipment on the surface, can really play its characteristics of high accuracy, stability, power detection application enterprise realize high precision automation!

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