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Linear guide rail sliding table module specification _ manipulator module size _ cross linear module suppliers

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Up-down material is a simple action, but if this action is applied in mechanical products is much complicated. Be familiar with mechanical friends should know, up-down material this action for the enterprise is an indispensable action, many factories have to go to with the action, many factories is the use of the artificial to solve.

artificial solve the application of up-down material, for cost and efficiency, the artificial cost is too high. If it is a high-volume plant for artificial can't really go to meet them. At this time of the industrial robot is perhaps is one of the key enterprises to resolve the situation, but because of the industrial robot cost is too high, a small companies simply can't afford such a high cost.

the emergence of the linear module is to enterprise born for this problem, a lot of people say that industrial robots are overqualified to loading. And linear module is just right for these enterprises. Using linear gear coupling, up and down through the linear module can change multi-axis structures, application, in meet the demand of the customer processing parts of high precision processing, the advantages of the linear module loading is showing up.

is controlled by PLC in the application of linear programming module of up-down material movement, convenient operation, stable performance, high control precision and work efficiency, can fully meet customer processing of linear module loading operation requirements, streamline the whole workshop manpower can meet the needs of normal production at the same time.

can change the properties of linear module, up-down material is one of the application of linear gear coupling, this can see why now more and more enterprises to choose linear modules to help her buy factory production efficiency!

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