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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Car dashboard pointer shaft is mainly composed of lathe processing and become, and the traditional lathe operation mode is each lathe by operator constantly repeating the same contents, easy to cause the operator fatigue and cause safety accidents. Therefore, by the linear gear coupling lathe device to replace the human, can promote the overall processing efficiency, quality, stability, security and convenience, be the best solution.

early lathe up-down material control part of the solution there are generally two types: one is the collocation of HMI programmable controller PLC man-machine interface. But the disadvantage is that the complex product for processing action, such as car dashboard pointer shaft ends need to be processed, mostly action will often change, using this control scheme, often need to package developer modification of motion control program; Second, the CNC system control scheme. This scheme use cost is too high, and can only be used for simple loading action, overqualified. Therefore, with the man-machine controller as the core of a new linear module loading solution; The program has become a trend.

through man-machine controller as the control core, can be easily modified linear gear coupling lathe at the scene loading procedure, do not need to change the underlying code, making it face a more convenient and flexible operation. In addition, the machining of such requirements for positioning accuracy is high, allowing precision of the workpiece is placed up to no more than 10 silk, if the error is too big, can lead to artifacts can accurately on the lathe chuck. Therefore, the use of 3 in1 ac servo planetary gear motor control system and high precision servo motor, through high-speed planetary gear motor bus of the Internet, meet the demand of the customer processing parts of high precision processing.

tested, easy to operate, stable performance, high control accuracy and efficiency, and can fully satisfy the customer processing of linear module loading operation requirements, streamline the whole workshop manpower can meet the needs of normal production at the same time.

under the background of the rising labor costs, lathe processing industry relatively harsh operating environment, make it difficult to recruit suitable employees in the lathe processing workshops. Therefore, linear module of the lathe and automatic transformation is industry trend, by leading industrial control idea and innovative thinking and fully agree with customer demand, support industry customers realize specialization and automation development.

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