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Linear guide rail sliding table module to adjust _ manipulator module load _ cross linear module brand

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
Speaking of linear modules installed a lot of people might not be too care about, because they feel the linear modules installed on the mechanical products, play a few screws. Actually is not the case, a product is not just because it's appearance will be able to perfect enterprise in normal operation, in fact it in the enterprise on the installation process is particularly important.

we believe that our life will meet phone sticker! ! ! ! A lot of people stick film to go up and there are many small bubble point, as mobile phone film flatness is not enough, don't think of is oneself in the process of lamination noticed that some of the detail of the operation. Mobile phone film because of improper operation of the installation process will produce some of these consequences, and a more precise and complex linear gear coupling installation process requires more attention.

in linear module if improper installation problems, will affect the use of the linear module progress as well as the overall smooth operation, so in order to guarantee the linear gear coupling installation to affect the normal use, below small make up about some linear module in the installation process need to pay attention to matters!

1. Before installing the linear gear coupling, you should pay attention to make sure to clean up, including the burrs, dirt removal of machinery installation and surface scars. In addition, it is important to note that in the process of cleaning up according to the nature and types of is cleared things with the most reasonable methods and tools.

2. When installation should pay attention to will be in the linear module of the main rail placed gently on the bed, and use the lateral screw or other fixed tool rail line and the lateral surface gently joint installation, this process must not use brute force.

3. In order to ensure the accuracy of the module, should pay attention to when installation should be in the order from the central to the both sides will slide rail linear module positioning screw tightening, and fit a little to rail and the mounting surface. When the datum of the linear module slightly forced tighten then strengthen the slide rail lateral datum tight force, the main rail can accurately fit to the datum.

4. In order to smooth linear module installation, attention should be paid to choose the appropriate installation tools, in accordance with the platform of material use torque wrench, and choosing reasonable locking torque will slide rail positioning slowly tightening the screws. Also use the same installation method to install the rail, the need to be installed to the main rail individual slide should pay attention to and placed it on the mobile platform to the main rail and rail sliding seat.

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