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Linear guide rail sliding table module which good _ manipulator module _ cross linear module company

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-27
The emergence of the linear module greatly changed the production pattern of some now, because unlike linear module robot so the cost of resources and maintenance costs. Linear gear coupling not only can a robot can complete has been completely reciprocating motion, at the same time it has the features of also can do better, so most of the production enterprises to choose linear module.

said, of course, there are a lot of people will ask? Strong linear module since then why buy robot, the robot's movement more flexible, linear module and cannot do and the robot flexible tortuous actions, robots in some very complex movements still has the absolute advantage! But some of the reciprocating motion of linear modules in the enterprise plays a very important role.

linear module of the application of mechanical products is very wide, why now most businesses to choose linear module production, below small make up just under the simple linear module into production use on automatic component inserter advantage!

1. Quality: manual plug-in relies entirely on artificial manipulation, basic error rate will be higher, and the mechanical manipulation, designed the basic procedures are fixed, defective rate and efficiency can be simple control

2. Efficiency: a component inserter yield efficiency, with the lowest efficiency calculation, and also to match more than eight workers produce efficiency, the efficiency of the progress at the same time, saving production time

3. Artificial aspects: now the enterprise become more and more difficult to dismiss workers and mechanization replace body work, has become a trend must be

4. Capital reduce: human capital improvement now, one automatic plug-in line relative to the light of saving in human resources capital would pay for a year, this is regardless of the progress of the benefit from the production efficiency and product quality. Automation production there are a lot aspects that cannot be compared with the manual plug-in, such as to reduce the production cycle, cover an area of an area small, save space, recycled, replacement, province, etc. This is a linear module component inserter automatic one of the most important advantage.

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