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Linear guide _xy slider sliding block module load module custom _ synchronous belt linear module device

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-19
Linear modules are widely used in the field of industrial automation, it's different in industrial automation field, relative differentiation is bigger. So when selecting a straight line gear coupling to comprehensive consideration of various factors, the following is a straight line module seven points selection.

1. Vibration resistance and stability: stability refers to the operation conditions do not appear in a given the performance of the self-excited vibration; And vibration resistance is refers to the module vice forced vibration and shocks.

2. Stiffness for precision machinery and instrument is particularly important. deformation including guide ontology guide contact deformation, guide's ability to fight stress deformation. The relative position between the deformation will affect the components and guidance accuracy. Both should be considered.

3. Sensitivity and walk a precision linear guide motion sensitivity refers to motion artifacts can achieve the minimum travel; Walk a precision refers to motion artifacts should stop at the target position according to the requirement of ability. Motion sensitivity and accuracy and guide rail type, friction characteristics, movement speed, transmission stiffness, component quality and other factors.

4. Precision perseverance: refers to keep original geometric accuracy in the process of work ability. The precision of the module perseverance depends mainly on rail abrasion resistance is dimensional stability. Abrasion resistance and guide of data matching, mechanical, machining accuracy, lubrication way and the protective device performance factors. Guide and support within the residual stress can affect the precision of the slideway perseverance.

5. Guidance precision and module and the thermal deformation of bearing parts, etc. Guidance accuracy refers to motion artifacts when moving along the guide rail guide face its trajectory accurately. The main factors influencing the guide accuracy have guide bearing the structure of the guide surface geometric accuracy and guide rail type, guide the contact accuracy, surface roughness, linear guide rail and the rigidity of the supporting members, guide the oil film thickness and oil film stiffness. The geometry precision of linear motion guide generally includes: vertical plane and horizontal plane straightness; Parallelism between the two guide surface. Guide rail geometric accuracy can be used on the guide rail length error or on unit length of said.

6. Movement stability module running smoothness is guide rail not appear when trace move in slow motion or the performance of the crawling phenomenon. Stability and linear guide rail structure, guide material matching, lubrication condition and characteristic of lubricant and rigidity of transmission system of the movement of guide rail and other factors.

7. One problem is that the planetary gear motor, can be chosen according to different requirements of different motor, the occasions with low requirements can use the stepper motor is enough, requires to speed the occasions to consider closed loop step by step, to the requirements of the speed and precision of occasions to consider the servo motor, to the place requested space can also choose the integration of the servo drive and motor, dayan industrial control have above all series products, can according to the requirement of the user giving the best matching scheme of motor, the guarantee performance and quality at the same time, reduce the cost.

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